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Emotional Business Decisions: An Oxymoron?

While businesses like to believe that their decisions are based on hard facts, emotion has more to do with it than they'd care to admit. This should affect the tone of your advertising.

For big-ticket items, it often comes down to making a "safe choice" – one they know won't put their job in jeopardy.

If you're the recognized leader in the industry, this works to your advantage. Even when other options might appear more beneficial, it will take a great deal of convincing to sway a customer away from your product.

Lucky you. Count your blessings, and maintain a leadership presence everywhere with your name. Just don't let R&D fall asleep at the switch!

If however, you're not a leader, you'll have to work harder to appeal to the decision maker's rational business side. You'll have to prove – not just say – that your product, are clearly superior.

Interesting side-by-side comparisons are a good way to make your point. Avoid full out attacks: they can alienate a customer who has "warm fuzzy" feelings for your competition.

With time and a consistent presence, you can work to level the playing field to where the decision is based on real product merit.


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