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Tactics deliver … but strategic thinking rules

In today’s hyper-kinetic marketing world, it’s easy for marketing tactics to crowd out strategic thinking. But seasoned marketers make it a practice to carve out a portion of their time every week to devote to strategic thinking.  Here are a few ideas on what to do:

  • Put yourself in the mind of your customers.  What problems do they face, and where do they look for answers?  How can your company provide them?
  • Put yourself in the shoes of the CEO.  What are your concerns and what decisions are you facing?  Where should your company be 24 months from now?
  • Check out the competition.  Visit their websites.  What are they saying and doing?  How does your company’s message stack up against theirs?
  • Take a hard look at your marketing program. What’s working … what’s not?  Better still, what’s on auto-pilot?  Sometimes it’s those areas that could stand the most scrutiny.

One other thing:
  Always challenge prevailing company mindsets by considering alternatives that might have been dismissed in the past.  Market dynamics are always changing.  So should your organization.

We can help in fact-finding and strategic analysis … and an outsider’s perspective, too.


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