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Independent Can CompanySearch Engine Optimization

Targeting high-quality, organic traffic

Independent Can Company, a family-run company started in 1929, manufactures metal cans and beautiful stock decorative tins for product packaging and promotion. In an effort to ensure a top-quality product, Independent Can has brought all major processes involved with can manufacturing and printing in-house.


Bringing a great process to the next level

When Independent Can Company asked us to help them increase organic search engine traffic to their website, the company already had a great system in place of updating and maintaining the website.

With the team already onboard, we could focus on optimizing the existing pages for maximum visibility and increasing awareness via external sources.



Achieving new organic traffic performance levels

The organic traffic generated by search engine optimization techniques increased by an average of 9% for five consecutive months. The website is also in the midst of reversing seasonality trend declines averaging 10% per month with a 2% increase per month.

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