Fuchs North AmericaPublicity & Promotion

Product sampling program featuring new seasoning and flavor items

Fuchs North America has established a reputation for pinpointing emerging consumer taste trends early … and coming up with fresh and original seasonings and flavors for snack makers, manufacturers of prepared food items, chain foodservice establishments and others in the food industry.

What better way to showcase these new flavor sensations than by sending actual product samples directly to the product developers and food technologists who are responsible for introducing new products to consumers who are always eager to try the “next new thing” in eating and dining.


Impactful dimensional packaging

We helped Fuchs create some real sizzle for this promotional program by designing large, impactful “dimensional” packaging promoting strong marketing messages, along with sample recipes.  The packaging houses generous samples of new items within Fuchs collections such as “Ethnic Inspirations” and “Tastes of America.”

Connecting with the customer

Talk about a direct marketing item that really gets attention every time it hits the customer’s desk!  And it sets the scene for some very fruitful follow-up contacts by Fuchs’ field sales force, too.

The marketing initiative also incorporates a direct marketing component to generate interest and requests for the sample packages before they’re shipped.


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Important COVID-19 Announcement

At Mullin/Ashley, we’re very concerned about the well-being of our customers, employees, business partners and communities currently battling to control the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) threat.

Maryland Governor Larry Hogan announced that effective Monday, March 23, 2020, all non-essential businesses in the state must close their offices.  A follow-up pronouncement on March 30 instituted further “stay-at-home” orders for Maryland residents.

We are complying with these mandates.  In fact, in anticipation of the Governor’s announcements, we had already taken steps to reduce our social footprint by setting up all Mullin/Ashley employees to work from home, with no interruption in the delivery of services.

In addition, travel activities by our staff have been severely curtailed since early March.

By taking these steps, we’re committed to continuing to provide our customers with the services they need, even as we work to reduce our social footprint.

As of July, certain workplace restrictions have been lifted but social distancing mandates continue in force.  We are monitoring the situation on a daily basis and will continue to take all necessary steps to minimize the risks from the COVID-19 virus.  Thank you for your patience and understanding as we work collectively to control the Coronavirus threat.

— The Mullin/Ashley Team