Highlighting Your Uniqueness

The proper brand positioning will improve your marketing programs, communications messages and the creative platform.

But in the digital age, brand-building can be fraught with pitfalls … blind alleys … and “roads to nowhere.”

At Mullin/Ashley, our goal is to deliver brand positioning support that highlights your uniqueness and value to your target customers. And our branding process will bring your uniqueness clearly into focus.

b2b company rebranding
branding for b2b and b2c companies
  • Investigating your competitors’ positioning
  • Investigating customer and prospect views of your company
  • Discovering your uniqueness from an “inside-out” perspective
  • Establishing your positioning statement and “unique selling proposition”
  • Developing your slogan or tagline

Examples of work

Protect your intellectual property online

Copyright rules in cyberspace are every bit as real as those in the offline world.

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The end of brand image?

Brand image marketing can attract more customers – directly or through word-of-mouth.

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