United Way of Kent CountyWebsite Development

Building a Nonprofit Website that Serves the Community

United Way of Kent County works to improve the Health, Education and Financial Stability of Individuals and Families in Kent County. To be sure their organization was in a position to reach the entire community, they asked us to help them design and build a website that would be easy to use, filled with relevant content, and trusted to meet and protect the needs of the community.

More than just a website design

The United Way was looking for more than just an up-to-date design and interesting pictures. To best serve the people of the community, the site would need a security area where local agencies could create accounts, post and share their own events, and fill out annual applications to be considered for future funding. Also, the site would need to be easily maintainable for frequent events with registration functionality, news postings, and multiple ways to donate both online and offline. Finally, the members of United Way’s Board would need access to the site for reviewing funding applications and volunteer of the year submissions.

Serving the Community by Empowering the Client

With the functionality available and customized website user guides uploaded to the back-end, United Way has new power to Give, Advocate, and Volunteer in the community.

An effective website is one that helps the client perform their tasks better. We were thrilled to have been able to empower United Way with the building of this website.


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