Successful Business Blogging for B2B Companies

Written by: Phillip Nones

In the world of inbound marketing, blogging isn’t just beneficial – it’s fundamental.  Publishing blog posts gives people a reason to visit your website on a regular basis.  More traffic means more potential for engagement, more contact form submissions, and hence more potential to attract client inquiries and other leads.

However, just having a blog doesn’t cut it.  Bland, predictable content is ineffective and won’t engage readers.  Instead, aim to be as informative as possible – along with publishing content that speaks to your target audience’s biggest pain points.  Blogging is beneficial no matter where your prospects are in the purchasing process, which is another reason why it’s effective.

It’s also wise to create blog posts with search engine optimization in mind, since one of the big benefits of blogging is pulling in readers who might not find your website otherwise.

And here’s yet another benefit:  Many well-crafted posts are likely to continue attracting readers long after they’re published, assuming the information has “evergreen” qualities.  Older blog posts that are bringing in a decent amount of organic traffic can be updated, too.  It takes just a little effort, and it will help the articles retain their usefulness and continue to generate leads.

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