You’ve been published! Now what?

Written by: Phillip Nones

You’ve succeeded in getting a great article about your company or brand published in the trade media.  But have you considered all the ways you can capitalize on your big win so that the ripple effect is felt as widely as possible?

Quality content will reside on the Internet forever – if you play your cards right.  There is no one “silver bullet” action that will achieve this, but there are numerous small steps that, taken together, will increase the value of your investment in branded content.  Here are some:

  • Post the published article on your website’s blog with a link back to the original publication.
  • Educate and inform key audiences through an e-blast campaign that includes the article link.
  • Provide the published article to your sales and new business team members to share with customers and prospects.
  • Distribute the article link through your social media channels to attract more reader attention.
  • Republish the article as a LinkedIn post.
  • Comment on discussions in relevant user groups and online forums, including linking back to the story.

Another possibility is using a paid distribution service to further extend audience reach.


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