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Introducing the artistry of Stephen James Harlan

Artist Stephen Harlan’s special visions attract the eye and inspire in ways like no other artist.  Known as “the creator of moods, color and contrasts,” his art has been exhibited at some of the finest commercial galleries in the United States and Europe.

We were asked to develop a website to offer his unique creations not just to collectors of high-quality original art, but also to all art lovers in the form of art print reproductions suitable for the home or office.

The HarlanArt Collection presented on the website showcases dozens of Stephen Harlan’s creations, grouped into four galleries.  Each gallery features stunning images of the artwork, beautifully presented.  They practically leap off the screen, compelling viewers to purchase reproductions using the website’s convenient online e-commerce ordering form.

The website is bringing the artistry of Stephen Harlan to a new, larger market of buyers eager to capture these magical moods for their very own.

Visit: harlanart.com


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