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Creating the Web’s “Go-To” Resource for Trimming Technology and Applications

Bettcher Industries is the pioneer and world leader in manufacturing hand-held cutting and trimming tools such as Quantum Trimmers and AirShirz® Air-Powered Scissors. The company essentially created the category back in the early 1960s, and it has been in the forefront of every technological advance in the years since.

In developing a new website, one challenge was to incorporate multiple divisions under one umbrella — food processing, foodservice and industrial — that communicate with vastly different audiences. Also important was creating an easy way for Bettcher’s own staff to make content updates and to customize individual web pages through building a user-friendly CMS and plug-ins.

The site we built accomplishes these objectives. It also contains far more informational content than before, including dozens of “how-to” videos ranging from defatting beef strips and loins … to salmon slicing … to cutting fiberglass sheet material.

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Visit: bettcher.com


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