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A Window into the World of Industrial UV Curing

Heraeus Noblelight Fusion UV is one of the world’s foremost manufacturers of UV-curing equipment.  Although UV curing is superior to heat-treading products — and more environmentally benign — better awareness of this technology and its benefits is needed.

In developing a completely new website for Fusion UV, we focused not just on the company’s UV lamps and other equipment, but also on UV technology as well as special services. 

An example:  Fusion UV’s application labs serve as de facto process development centers, analytical laboratories and research facilities for its customers.

We also constructed a highly functional relational navigation that makes it easy for visitors who may not know what UV curing solution is best for their application to “drill down” by industry, type of finished product and performance characteristics to find the best solution.

The depth of information on the site underscores the company’s leading position in the market, and clearly differentiates it from its customers.

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Visit: fusionuv.com


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