"Bringing dreams to life" - Benedictine School Promotion


Supporting the Special Mission of a Valuable Educational Institution

The Benedictine School has a distinguished reputation for providing programs for children with moderate-to-severe developmental disabilities.  How best to present the school’s highly effective programs to the parents of prospective enrollees?

We produced an emotionally engaging 14-minute video titled The Road to Benedictine: Bringing Dreams to Life.  By showing “success story” examples, the video presents information about the school’s educational and vocational programs and facilities, while highlighting the loving care provided by the staff.

The video has also been an important way to present the school’s mission and the success of its programs to prospective donors, foundations and other funding sources.

In addition to producing the video, we supported The Benedictine School in the production and promotion of its informational overview brochures, fundraising campaign literature, plus the design of its website.

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