“Introducing new healthcare information reporting to the community” - AGH Promotion


PERKS Introduction

Atlantic General Hospital, a healthcare organization located near Ocean City, MD, competes with two much larger institutions nearby.  So it’s important to project the image of being a top-quality and technically savvy healthcare provider.

This includes a commitment to develop, implement and promote the latest communications techniques to benefit patients and their interactions with the hospital, primary care physicians and specialists.

When Atlantic General developed its new PERKS capability (Patient Electronic Record-Keeping Service), it was a state-of-the-art system that delivers accurate, integrated medical records along with complete confidentiality of medical information.

We were asked to create a program to educate hospital employees, care givers in the community, and the public at large on the benefits of PERKS.  

We developed the PERKS branding and visual identity … then launched the first phase of publicity including information presentations, banner stands and tabletop display posters installed throughout the hospital facilities, plus e-communications to all employees.

The second phase of execution targeted the wider community via an educational campaign presenting PERKS and its benefits, delivered via print and digital advertising, plus educational information for use in physician offices.


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