"Who’s makin’ it great? You’re makin’ it great!" - AAMC Promotion


Employee Motivation Program

Employee motivation programs have to come across as genuine.  Otherwise, they can fail miserably — and might even do more harm than good.

Creating an employee motivation program that’s honest, fresh and invigorating was the challenge for Anne Arundel Medical Center. AAMC wished to recognize the efforts of employees at all levels.  When we were asked to develop an effective approach and promotion, we created an "authentic" program that got the message out respectfully and convincingly.

We unveiled a new motivational slogan: You’re Makin’ It Great!  A flurry of Post-It® Notes sporting catchy questions appearing around the hospital led to the theme’s introduction via a mailer sent to each employee’s home.  A bimonthly oversized newsletter was also sent home, with articles showcasing employees who are “makin’ it great” for the whole hospital.

The motivational program was enhanced by “attaboy” e-mail communiqués, banners and posters placed throughout the hospital campus, as well as luncheons and other social events that gave a special “thank you” to the employees.

The “You’re Makin’ It Great!” program was a successful part of the hospital’s employee outreach for more than five years.


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