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White Paper on Meat Yield Improvements

Gainco manufactures weighing, sizing, sorting and distribution equipment for meat and poultry processing plants.  Its innovative YieldPlus™ debone management system delivers increased product yields, better worker productivity, and higher profits – particularly with poultry dark meat products.

We researched, sourced, wrote and published a white paper for the trade media and for production managers at meat processing plants.  The report described different dark meat deboning operations, their benefits and drawbacks.  A special focus was on showing how new systems like YieldPlus™ provide online/real-time information down to the individual operator for more effective process line management.  Detailed comparative ROI data were also presented.

The White Paper promotion was pressed into action on many fronts:  presented at the International Production & Processing Expo (IPPE) … published online … promoted via e-marketing and online advertising … and distributed on customer and prospect field calls.

star MarCom Award

Download the white paper here.


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