"The brightest name in safety" - Orion Safety Products Promotion


New Product Packaging for Retail Sales

Orion is the largest U.S. manufacturer of highway flares, marine flares and a variety of other sound and signaling devices.  It sells to the consumer marketplace in addition to police and safety customers.

Orion’s consumer product packaging was in need of a complete redesign to give the products more visual appeal, as well as to stand out in retail store displays.  Orion came to us to help them accomplish this promotional goal.

Having extensive experience in marketing products and services to first responders, we applied that knowledge to the consumer audience.  We designed completely new packaging for roadside flares and for safety kits that dramatically increased their visibility and fresh appearance. 

In addition, we designed and produced new point-of-sale promo items such as countertop merchandisers and end-cap displays were being used to market the products in automotive supply stores and big-box retail outlets.

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