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Nursing Annual Report

Formed in 2013, University of Maryland – Shore Regional Health serves more than 70,000 residents in a five-county region on Maryland’s Eastern Shore.  UM-SRH includes three hospitals that were acquired by the University of Maryland Medical System in the years prior to forming the new entity, along with scores of associated healthcare facilities and physician offices.

The purpose of the 2013 Nursing Annual Report was to showcase the dedication of UM-SRH’s nursing staff in providing exceptional care experiences for patients and their families while combining the “science” and “art” of caring through print marketing.

We developed the theme of the Annual Report – Coming Together for Our Community – which celebrated the consolidated nursing activities across all hospitals and associated medical facilities aimed at improving health care access and health outcomes.  It also reported on special initiatives across a range of specific nursing care disciplines such as surgical care, birthing and neonatal services, and frontline nursing.

The 28-page Annual Report also recognized awards, educational accomplishments and milestones achieved by nursing groups and individual staff members.

Taken as a whole, the Annual Report communicated a comprehensive overview of the successful integration the region’s healthcare services –and the critical role of the nursing professionals in making the endeavor a success.

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