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Putting People at the Center of the Dixon Experience

As one of the oldest, best-known manufacturing names in its industry, Dixon Valve & Coupling has a well-earned reputation for product quality, safety and reliability.

For Dixon’s first-ever image ad campaign, we chose to underscore these virtues in a series of full-page ads that highlight Dixon’s qualities of dependability, safety and reliability that are so important to key industry segments like mining, heavy construction, chemical processing and utilities.

We also studied the demographics and psychographics of the target audience.  The result:  a campaign that is powerful in the simplicity of its message and the honesty of its presentation.

We also updated Dixon’s corporate logo and visual identity to project a more contemporary feel – without sacrificing any of the Company's strong recognition built over a century of market involvement.

As an adjunct to the initial campaign, a second wave of advertising focused on the information and training resources Dixon provides end-users – unsurpassed in the industry – thereby “squaring the circle” neatly.

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