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International Capabilities Brochure

Bettcher Industries is the pioneer and world market leader in the manufacture of powered trimming hand tools used in meat, poultry and seafood processing plants.  Although it is an American firm, a substantial portion of sales come from international markets.

One key to Bettcher’s success is its substantial investment in precision R&D and product prototyping, along with state-of-the-art manufacturing that is unlike any other firm in the industry.  Because its international customers face logistical hurdles in travelling to the United States to tour facilities, Bettcher came to us to develop a way to convey the company’s commitment to strong manufacturing.

Bettcher already produces dozens of short videos showing its trimming tools “in action,” successfully carrying out a wide range of meat processing applications.  The capabilities print marketing brochure we developed presents the company’s larger technical design capabilities and the quality control measures it uses in manufacturing.  

The brochure is particularly helpful in supporting the company’s sales efforts in emerging markets in Eastern Europe, the Middle East and Asia where Bettcher’s brand credibility is not yet as well-established.



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