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Interactive Selling Tools for the Field Sales Force

Gainco is the developer of the YieldPlus™ Debone/Trim Management System for meat and poultry processing.  It’s a system that enables plants to significantly improve their product yields and, along with providing accurate, real-time performance information down to the individual operator on the processing line.

Because these systems represent large capital equipment purchases, providing a compelling rationale for making the investment is critical.  It’s even better when the pitch is customized to the prospect’s own specific circumstances — even during the very first sales call.

We developed an interactive communications sales tool that enables Gainco’s technical sales personnel to plug in actual data for individual plants, and instantaneously calculate the increased throughput and revenues the YieldPlus™ system will generate compared to conventional deboning methods.  It’s a powerfully persuasive tool that puts the focus on increased revenues and ROI, speeding up the sales process.

We also wrote and produced a companion white paper that describes the various deboning techniques used in poultry plants and notes their benefits and drawbacks.  We presented the key highlights of the report at the International Production & Processing Expo in Atlanta, GA, where the ROI tool was also used to make a big splash with attendees.



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