"A picture is worth a thousand words" - Kaeser Compressors Interactive Communications


Maintenance Training CD

How do you take something that’s really “hands-on” — like equipment maintenance — and present it in a way that’s as highly engineered as the equipment itself?

You use technology — which is exactly what we did when we were asked by leading air systems manufacturer Kaeser Compressors to reimagine its maintenance training material for interactive communications.

For years, Kaeser Compressors had printed and distributed hard-copy maintenance binders to owners of its air treatment systems. What better application of today’s digital capabilities than to create a new, completely electronic version of Kaeser’s maintenance manual?

Underscoring the idea that “a picture is worth a thousand words,” our CD-ROM incorporates concise video footage of actual maintenance procedures, accompanied by voiceover narration. 

Everything is at the engineer's fingertips.  In addition to adding impact and depth, the digital format allows Kaeser to duplicate the CD or thumb drive in small runs ... and to make continuing adjustments without incurring huge reprint costs (or filling up the recycling bin).  Portions of the material can be extracted easily for online postings, too.

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