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Interactive Sales Tool

The Sealant Technologies division of W. L. Gore & Associates is the world’s leading manufacturer of ePTFE-based gasketing products.  Each product is engineered to be the best-performing gasket solution in its class.

New and improved products are introduced by Gore on a regular basis — many of which are sold through outside distributors.  In order to convey the superior value of new or enhanced products, we created interactive communications CD-ROM sales presentations that allow Gore to “tell the story” of its gaskets in a consistent manner, while giving distributors a flexible way to present substantial supporting material.

We also developed a powerful interactive sales tool for Gore sales and technical personnel to present products, technology, customer case histories and a wealth of other information through a simple browser-like functionality — a complete arsenal of resources on a thumb drive or right on their laptop.

It's a great way to help the salespeople do their jobs more effectively and drive more product sales.


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