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Capital Equipment MarComm Campaign

Gainco, Inc. manufactures a wide range of weighing, sizing, sorting, distribution and food safety systems for meat and poultry processing plants.  When Gainco was ready to introduce its innovative new YieldPlus® Debone Yield Management System, it came to us for help.

We built an integrated communications campaign around a special microsite featuring video clips showing an installed system in action – including its unique ability to track real-time, online productivity by individual operator.

Then we directed traffic to the site via a mix of print- and e-based advertising and promotion. 

We prepared a White Paper on debone management showing the increased yields and productivity possible with the YieldPlus System compared to conventional deboning methods in the plant.

We also developed an “ROI calculator” that enables prospects to plug in their own plant stats and current meat pricing to see the positive impact in terms of increased product revenues and profits.

By enabling potential buyers to take a virtual tour of the YieldPlus System and see how their financial bottom-line is impacted, more interest and more inquiries are generated.  It’s led to better qualified leads, too, as well as a shorter sales cycle

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