"Product positioning that packs a punch" - W. L. Gore Corporate Branding.


Brand Positioning that Sends Competitors Packing

GORE® GFO® packing from W. L. Gore & Associates has been the industry’s leading pump packing solution for three decades. 

In recent years, “look-alike” entrants have come into the market.  They don’t perform as well, but their similar appearance to GFO packing contributed to market confusion.

The Sealants Division of W. L. Gore came to us for help.  Our solution was to introduce a “seal of assurance” for GFO and its corporate branding efforts.  

Targeting end-users and distributors, the message is simple yet powerful:  "GFO is the only genuine assurance that your pump packing will perform the way you need – as long as you need."

We rolled out the “seal of assurance” campaign by employing the full range of tactics including print and digital advertising, direct mail and e-mail marketing, P-O-P materials, packaging and signage.

Plus ... acting on another idea we proposed to underscore the claim of product superiority, Gore began printing the GFO brand name right on the packing material itself.  No more look-alike problems for this brand!

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