Tyler Willis speaks on digital marketing at nonprofit conference

Written by: Phillip Nones

Tyler Willis, Digital Media Manager at Mullin/Ashley Associates, spoke at the 6th Annual Nonprofit Conference at the College of Southern Maryland in La Plata, MD. The event was well-attended by not-for-profit professionals from Baltimore, MD, Washington, DC, Richmond, VA and surrounding communities.

Tyler was invited to deliver marketing presentations on two key marketing topics: Social Media Return on Investment and Search Engine Optimization. Speaking about the event, he stated, “While I focus on these channels on a daily basis at Mullin/Ashley, I appreciated the opportunity to look at them through the lens of nonprofit organizations, as there are a number aspects and angles that are specific to the challenges of not-for-profits in getting the word out about their mission and activities.”

Tyler looks forward to continuing his relationship with the CSMD Nonprofit Institute at future symposia and workshop events.


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Tyler Willis speaks on digital marketing at nonprofit conference

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