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Mullin/Ashley wins in Marcom Creative Awards National Competion

marcom_logoChestertown, Md., March 1, 2012 – Mullin/Ashley Associates, Inc., a Mid-Atlantic integrated marketing communications firm, has been recognized in the MarCom Creative Awards competition with five award-winning entries.

The awards were for communications programs produced for four clients:  Atlantic General Hospital (Berlin, Md.), Bettcher Industries, Inc. (Birmingham, Oh.), Columbia Forest Products (Greensboro, N.C.) and Orion Safety Products (Easton, Md.).  They covered a wide scope of programs ranging from brand development and product launches to websites, advertising and promotional materials. 

exsurco_logo1A Platinum Award was won by Mullin/Ashley for developing a new logo and tagline for Exsurco Medical, a new company formed by Bettcher Industries with the support of a $1.1 million “Third Frontier” grant from the State of Ohio.  Exsurco manufactures powered medical devices used in skin grafting and bone debridement for treating burn victims.  The Exsurco devices employee new technology that makes the procedures much faster and less painful compared to using conventional devices.  The new logo’s artistic elements suggest the fast-rotating circular blade used in the Exsurco tools – a powerful symbol of the breakthrough technology being employed.

A Gold Award was won by Mullin/Ashley for a web microsite developed to promote the Chimfex® chimney fire extinguisher, a product manufactured by Orion Safety Products.  Chimfex® is marketed to homeowners as well as the professional trade (chimney sweeps, firefighters and emergency responders).  The website (www.chimfex.us) serves as an educational resource as well as offering the product for online purchase.  It contains “how-to” video clips as part of the information provided.

care.givers_logo1A second Gold Award was won for a branding initiative undertaken by Mullin/Ashley for Atlantic General Hospital.  The rebranding effort positioned the hospital as partnering with health consumers not only for treatment, but also for promoting healthy living and lifestyles.  A new tagline, “care.givers,” was adopted that applies to the joint role that the hospital as well as patient and their family members play in promoting health and healing.  Atlantic General’s branding and visual identity is being carried over into all aspects of the hospital’s marketing, including print and TV advertising, community newsletters, service line brochures, plus outdoor signage.

In addition to these three awards, Mullin/Ashley received Honorable Mention citations for two other entries.  The first was for a set of marketing materials produced for Columbia Forest Products, America’s largest maker of hardwood plywood panels.  The company manufactures PureBond® formaldehyde-free panels used for making kitchen cabinets, shelving and other products.  The products compete against Asian imports that contain harmful urea formaldehyde that can be emitted into the air.  The company has established the PureBond® Fabricators Network, made up of nearly 900 independent cabinetmakers and woodshops.  purebond_logo1Mullin/Ashley produced the co-op marketing materials to assist these fabricators in marketing to customers like building contractors and homeowners.  The promo materials included print and electronic advertising, direct marketing materials, and in-store items such as product hang-tags and stickers.

The other Honorable Mention was for a series of print magazine “advertorials” produced for Bettcher Industries to promote the company’s automatic breading machines targeting KFC® franchise operators throughout North America.  The advertorials were produced in an interview style, highlighting the success other KFC franchisees have experienced with labor savings, ingredients savings and more consistent product quality when using these breading machines.

The MarCom Creative Awards is an annual competition that honors outstanding work in the communications field.  Entries in 20 major communications categories are judged by a select panel comprised of members of the Association of Marketing & Communication Professionals (AMCP) according to superior benchmarks of quality.  It is one of the largest and best-established award programs in the industry, drawing more than 6,000 U.S. and foreign entries in the annual competition from advertising and public relations agencies, corporate communications departments, designers, writers, and broadcast producers.

The five awards received by Mullin/Ashley represent the largest number won by the company in a single year.  Commenting on the awards, Phillip Nones, president of Mullin/Ashley, stated, “We’re pleased to be recognized for our efforts on behalf of our clients, and particularly gratified to have scored so highly in this year’s competition.  The MarCom Creative Awards provides a great opportunity for our work to be judged according to rigorous standards of excellence.”

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