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January 16, 2009 – Mullin/Ashley Associates, Inc., an integrated marketing communications firm serving the Mid-Atlantic region, has been recognized in the 2008 MarCom Creative Awards competition with three award-winning entries.  The awards include a Platinum, a Gold and an Honorable Mention for communications programs produced for three clients:  Atlantic General Hospital, Kaeser Compressors, Inc., and the Global Security & Engineering Solutions Division of L-3 Communications, Inc.

A Platinum Award was won for developing a marketing campaign promoting Atlantic General Hospital’s “30-minute ER promise.”  The ER promise pledges that patients willMarCom  Awards Logo be seen by a physician or other care-giver within 30 minutes of arriving at the hospital’s emergency room.  The pledge was a “first” for any hospital on the Delmarva Peninsula (and only the second one in the state of Maryland).  The campaign was launched in 2007 with a media event that included interviews with local print and broadcast media.  Adopting the message platform “We put the urgency back in emergency,” outdoor banners and billboards were unveiled, along with newspaper and magazine advertising.  A companion radio commercial was produced and began running several months later.  The campaign received positive coverage in the local media, focusing on the fact that Atlantic General, unlike other hospitals, was willing to make a strong pledge of this kind to its patients.

A Gold Award was won for an “air demand analysis” brochure developed for Kaeser Compressors, Inc.,a leading worldwide manufacturer of compressed air systems and equipment.  This equipment is used in a wide variety of manufacturing facilities, where control of energy costs is always a critical issue.  The brochure focuses on how Kaeser’s air demand specialists will conduct in-plant surveys to review and analyze a facility’s complete air system operation – and recommend how the facility can lower energy costs by taking specific corrective actions that will result in a more reliable airflow.  This brochure is helping Kaeser “get the word out” about the benefits of air demand analysis evaluations, and is being used in customer presentations and onsite tours.

An Honorable Mention Award was won for producing a video introducing the new L-3 ACCOLADE™ wireless mesh peer-to-peer mine communications and tracking system for the Global Security & Engineering Solutions Division of L-3 Communications, Inc.  The ACCOLADE™ system enables centralized monitoring of mining operations in virtually any underground or above-ground environment, and provides real-time voice and data capabilities for all mine personnel.  The video explains and demonstrates the capabilities of the ACCOLADE™ system, including on-camera commentary and video footage filmed at a coal mine application in West Virginia.  The video helps viewers “see” the system in operation without having to travel to a remote mine location site.  In addition to being presented to mining company officials, the video has been shown at global industry trade events such as the MineEXPO triennial conference.

The MarCom Creative Awards is an annual competition that honors outstanding work in the communications field.  Entries are judged by a select panel of members of the Association of Marketing & Communication Professionals (AMCP) according to superior benchmarks of quality, across 20 major communications categories.  It is one of the largest and best-established award programs in the industry, drawing more than 5,000 U.S. and foreign entries in the 2008 competition from advertising and public relations agencies, corporate communications departments, designers, writers, and broadcast producers.


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