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B2B Social Media overload?

In the past year or so, many B2B firms have had to figure out how best to allocate scarce marketing resources to another tactical area: social media. For many, hiring a social media specialist isn’t a viable option – at least not yet.  In the meantime, add social media to the never-ending list of job responsibilities.   

The trick is to choose where it is most beneficial to engage in social media activities. Not every platform will pay the same degree of positive dividends. For each one, ask yourself these questions:

  • Does this platform generate enough direct revenue to offset the staff resources required?
  • Will this expand our opportunities into new markets that interest us?
  • Could this lead to collaboration or co-promotion opportunities that benefit us?
  • Does this effort align logically with our other initiatives?

As in so many other endeavors, the key to social media is the “20-80 rule”:  the 20% of effort that results in 80% of the result.

Now, go out there and be social!

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