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Selling the not-quite Total Solution during Mergers

Companies are merging, partnering, and absorbing other firms at a record pace, with the goal of providing their customers with a “complete” solution.

This often requires a big change in the marketing strategy. Rather than promoting the product as the brand, marketing should move towards differentiating the corporation as a brand.

This is tougher than it sounds, and it’s made even more difficult because few companies can move directly from product/service offerings to providing a total solution overnight.

Most companies spend substantial time in transition between these two phases – a time when they offer more than products, but not quite complete solutions.

This is the time to promote your company vision and attitude. By showing your audience what you will offer in the future and how it will affect them, you build consumer confidence that you’re moving forward ... without actually having to deliver anything.

This will build the perception that you’re more than “products”, but a company with ideas.

Taking these steps today will put you ahead of the game when you actually can deliver.


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