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Now for Today’s Presentation (Yawn)

In many organizations, speeches have become an endangered species. They’ve been replaced by the ubiquitous PowerPoint® presentation. And why not? What could be easier for the presenter than relying on a set of electronic cue cards as a crutch?

The problem is, the audience often gets lost in this equation. While it may be easier for the PR department to e-mail a deck of “all-purpose” slides to a busy executive heading for a conference, the result is often an uninspiring display of mediocrity that certainly doesn’t place the presenter – or your company – in the most positive light.

If done well, there is much greater inherent value in speechwriting, which certainly makes it worth the extra time and energy. Especially ones that are “conversational” in tone.

For added effect, there’s nothing wrong with interspersing appropriate images or video vignettes.

After all, we live in a multi-visual world – sound bites, low attention spans, and all. You’ll be amazed how quickly an audience’s attention will be refocused as soon as a video appears on the screen.

Developing a first-rate speech presentation takes time and practice. But you’ll find the results are usually well worth it.


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