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How to achieve a Unique Branding Strategy

Many people think of branding as primarily a creative endeavor. Actually, it’s a lot more than that. Branding is about strategy, too – how your brand is positioned against the competition.

Branding communicates what you stand for … but more importantly, what makes you different. After all, it’s differences people are looking for when they compare products and services.

Too often in branding, companies simply copy what their competitors are doing. This “play-it-safe” approach often fails – resulting in a weakened brand position rather than a stronger one. By contrast, companies that are willing to take more risks in their brand strategies are frequently the ones that stand apart – and their more unique brand positioning is better likely to stand the test of time, too.

Some companies attempt to build their brand strategy around operational features and benefits (the “faster, cheaper, better” approach). But few companies are able to compete successfully on that basis alone over the long haul, since those attributes can be replicated by others, hence negating the differentiation.

So, how can you develop a stronger, more differentiated brand strategy? Focus on attributes your customers care about. Make sure you’re uniquely suited to delivering them. And make sure your competitors aren’t already addressing them in their own brand positioning.

Then in your tactical execution, make sure you apply your creative juices so that you really stand out. Be different … be consistent … and be repetitive. (If you begin to think your customers are tiring of your message, not to worry. You’re probably wrong.)

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