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Don't Overthink your Marketing Campaign

It’s a fact. Corporate bureaucracy drains the life out of many a new product or marketing campaign. By the time everyone involved has had their say, an innovative idea devolves into yet another incarnation of the “same old safe thing.”

To avoid this pitfall, the answer could be to adopt more of a “start-up” mentality when launching a new product or service. Successful start-up firms aren’t afraid to be innovative. Because they have a bigger mountain to climb, their mentality is a lot more about risk-taking and truly understanding market dynamics.

Start-ups also tend to employ the power of conversation better than big enterprises. There’s rarely a gulf between senior management members and lower-level employees, who talk directly to one another daily as well as with customers.

Don’t dissect your next campaign to death. Instead, do all you can to strip away stuffy organi-zational layers. Connect with your customers and generate some truly interesting buzz. As a side benefit, you’ll also become more passionate about your business!

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