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No matter what the medium … Good Content is king

Interest in how to get noticed in cyberspace has never been louder.  E-mail marketing…SEO and SEM…social marketing.  These and other tactics harness the power of digital communications to drive people to your product or service solution.

And yet … when you look around, it’s amazing how many web sites are undermined by the most fundamental and basic content problems.

Too often, sales messages are unfocused or insufferably platitudinous.  Web copy is incomplete or out of date.  Content isn't optimized for search engine visibility (or when it is, the copy has been twisted out of all reason in an attempt to include search phrases that some word tracking software program has identified as important).

And let’s not forget the frequent misspelled words and grammatical errors that can make a company appear inattentive to detail – or just plain unprofessional.

Fact is, despite the digital world we’re in, strong content remains as important as back when printed marketing materials were the order of the day.  With quality companies and brands, time and care has always been taken to make sure content is purposeful and persuasive.


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