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customer experience mapping

Mapping the Customer Experience Journey

Customer experience mapping – also known as journey mapping – has been an important part of marketing for decades. 

It’s no wonder.  Defining which interactions provide the “push-pull dynamics” to increase customer engagement 
and satisfaction with your brand has always been critical. 

Customer experience mapping is a lot more complicated these days, thanks to ever-expanding communications channels and customer behavior differences based on different demographics like age.

Either way, the most efficient mapping exercises focus on parts of the journey rather than all of it.  It’s important to isolate the most “impactful” moments in the customer experience – where you need to place more emphasis in making improvements.

The best way to get started in journey mapping is to ask a 
few pointed questions:

  • How can we make things quicker and easier for the customer?

  • Can we remove parts of the process to make it easier?

  • Can more issues be solved in “real time”?

Customer experience mapping helps everyone see a “visual story” – and how things are connected. 

Not to worry if it isn’t all polished or sophisticated, either; sometimes compelling journey maps can be told in a few sheets of paper taped to the wall.


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