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What Makes a Great Logo for Marketing

There’s no question that logos are influenced by design trends — just like any other manifestation of creativity in the art or fashion world.  But there are several fundamental “rules” of marketing that guide the creation of a strong company or brand logo – the ones that will survive the test of time over decades.  Here are three:

  • Go for concept first … visual effect second.  The best logos are based on solid ideas or symbols that support the brand and the business.

  • The simpler, the better.  Invariably, a simple, well-executed logo works easier and better.  Finding the right balance between visual impact and practical application is the sweet spot.  Often, it means fewer logo variations – and fewer colors, too.

  • Versatility matters.  The best logos resonate equally well across every kind of audience touchpoint.  It shouldn’t matter if it’s the web, direct marketing, printed materials or social media.

You’ll find that a good designer can harness abstract ideas and turn them into a visual representation of an organization’s distinctiveness. Just be sure to build on a firm foundation. A logo that’s based on a weak idea – no matter how cleverly executed – is still a weak logo.


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