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Effective Marketing: Look to the Leaders

Engineers, managers and buyers encounter countless vendors in the course of their daily job activities, whether or not they’re actively seeking out new suppliers. That’s why it’s so important to be “visible” in the same places your target audience congregates.  

It’s a lot more than simply “being there.”  You need to figure out how to stand out from the pack, unless you’re lucky enough to be in an industry where you’re one of just a few suppliers.

What separates companies that do a really effective job of marketing from the others when it comes to marketing visibility?  These leaders share certain characteristics:

  • They’re “unavoidable.”  Whether it’s online directories, trade shows, industry blogs, media or industry-oriented portals, you’ll find these leading companies everywhere you look.  It’s their way of guaranteeing top-of-mind awareness whenever a prospect moves into buying mode.

  • They’re more than just “sellers.”  Leading marketers don’t just promote their own products’ features and benefits.  They recognize the value of providing information and education at all stages of the sales funnel – without the “hard-sell” component.  They know they’ll make a better impression – and a more positive impact – if they don’t try to push a sale too soon in the buying cycle.

  • They’re willing to give something away upfront.  Today’s B-to-B buyers are keen to access and review information at the drop of a hat.  Leading marketers don’t wait for an e-mail query or a phone call (which might never happen).  They proactively provide detailed product specs, customer case studies and other information that shows what they have to offer.  They don’t hide their expertise behind walls – and that approach appeals to buyers.  

  • They relate to different kinds of potential buyers.  “One-size-fits-all” marketing is becoming less effective in today’s environment.  Leading marketers tailor different messaging to different audiences based on a buyer’s company size, industry segment and job function.  It’s more effort, but often the result is making a quicker, easier sale.

Study the leading companies in your industry.  Be open to adopting their MarComm tactics.  Chances are you’ll stand out more and start being perceived as one of those leaders … rather than an also-ran.


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