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Branding: What it is … What it isn’t.

Over the years, the number of books and articles written about the concept of “branding” must run into the high thousands.  But you only need to keep your focus on just a few fundamental principles.

For example, it’s a bit of a trap to think about branding as an inherent “persona” that a company can engineer like a product.  When it’s invented out of nothing – when it’s apropos of nothing – most people can see right through that sort of branding.

Indeed, the notion of a “brand soul” is irrelevant to most customers. 

If some people are actually fooled into becoming  customers on such a basis, they might not be the kind of customers you really want to have – because their loyalties aren’t truly tied to what your company makes or does.

Strong brands are inextricably tied to the quality of the goods and services they provide their customers.  That’s where the rubber meets the road – and that’s where brand stickiness really happens.

You can call your MarComm campaign a brand development initiative if you wish.  But if its messaging isn’t linked directly to what your company produces … it’ll likely turn out to be a waste of scarce marketing resources, with little or no discernable ROI.


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