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Build your Content Calendar like Trade Publications do.

Becoming the “go-to” brand in your industry is about more than having good products.  It’s also about providing your target market information that’s hard to find elsewhere.

That’s why the best “thought leadership” practitioners spend time building their editorial content a calendar year in advance. 

It’s the same planning process trade magazines have undertaken for decades:  identifying newsworthy topics that will engage their subscribers and attract advertisers.

While it’s important to keep a flexible calendar to address breaking developments, lack of planning means you’ll be constantly battling deadlines while racking your brain to come up with good content.

Instead, making the effort to plan means your content creators will have time to research and craft articles that are informative and valuable.  What sort of content qualifies?  Here are some possibilities:

  • Highlight survey research – many people love to read this type of intelligence
  • Spotlight new or evolving innovations and how they impact current industry practices
  • Report news from industry conferences and other important events
  • Talk about your own new product launches or upgrades
  • Showcase “problem/solution” customer case examples

Next, figure out logistics and media.  What means of communication will you utilize?  

  • Blog posts
  • White papers
  • Case history articles
  • Videos, podcasts or webinars
  • Press releases

Then, where can each piece of content be used?  Can it be repurposed for additional exposure such as in social media posts, text banners or newsletter briefs?

Don’t stop there.  Be sure to identify the staff you’ll need to generate content throughout the year … and get upfront commitments of support from them (and their managers).

Lastly, figure out the best ways to measure the impact of your content – views, comments, signups, social shares, conversions and/or sales.  That way, you’ll know what’s working so you can make adjustments or decide what to emphasize in next year’s content marketing effort.


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