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MarComm Campaigns: Why are you Changing your Advertising?

Is it time to revamp the look of your MarComm campaign?

Marketers often tire of an advertising campaign long before its effectiveness has run its course. They've seen it all over and over, and the idea of scrapping everthing can be ever-so-tempting.

But think again. Consider the equity that your established look may have achieved … and may still be building in the minds of your prospects and customers. With good, clean, consistent design, each and every advertising impression reinforces the previous impressions.

You can keep your campaign fresh by infusing new content where appropriate, without recreating your company's image every time.

Ask yourself if your communications objectives and strategies have changed since your campaign originated. If they have, then it's probably time to revisit your advertising approch. If not, you should probably resist the temptation to change it.


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