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Brand Voice: Save Broadcast Roles for Trained Actors

Some companies try to make a grander impression by using senior-level managers as spokespersons in videos and broadcast media. And for a few select organizations, this approach has been successful.

However, in most cases, the role of broadcast spokesperson is best left to trained professionals.

Just because a CEO is a terrific communicator in person doesn't mean that he or she will perform well on camera. Even the most articulate leaders will reveal their inexperience through stiff voice patterns or body movements.

Also, trained actors are better on-camera broadcast presenters because they understand the subtleties of good communication. Whether it's through posture, hand gestures or facial expressions, anexperienced professional can deliver a smoother, more persuasive presentation.

Another reason companies should avoid featuring a senior-level manager is because this could inhibit the director. An actor is paid to take instruction from the director. But when a high-level official is used, the roles are reversed, and the director might be reluctant to criticize the client.


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