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Brand Voice: Learn how to Connect with your Audience

Consumers disregard much of the advertising they see because it doesn't connect with them on a personal level. The copy may be clever, but it seems to be directed towards a general audience instead of just one person.

Here are three ways you can personalize your writing to make it more relevant to each reader:

  • Read it out loud. If your work contains any words or phrases you would never use in a typical conversation, it's probably inappropriate here as well.

  • Pretend as though you were communication with one person across from your desk. If you would never say it, don't write it.

  • Distance yourself from the piece. You may discover awkward language when you have a fresh perspective.

Although your MarComm message may eventually reach a large number of people, only one person will be reading it at a time. It's important to connect with each of them individually.


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