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Market Research: A Firm Foundation?

Several of your sales reps approach you breathlessly. They’ve got big news about one of your competitors having problems with that new product they just introduced.

You’re thrilled ... now you’ve got them right where you want them in the market.

But suddenly, another rep comes back with complaints about your own customer service area. Now you’re bummed.

Very likely, both reports are inaccurate. Experience shows that reports from the field are based almost entirely on “anecdotal” evidence that rarely represents the complete picture.

Also, consider the bias of the people bearing the news. Often, their reports will be overstated or over-dramatized.

It’s important to listen to your field sales reps, but use them only to identify the issues that need to be investigated in greater depth – not to do your actual research for you.

As a professional, make sure you employ proper research techniques. That way, you can truly have confidence in the results.

You’ll also have the firm foundation you need to make the best decisions affecting your sales, marketing and communications programs.


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