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MarComm approvals: Now, about that third word on the fourth line …

Most companies have at least one or two of them on staff … the perfectionist in the corner office who has to review every ad, spec sheet or news release before it’s cut loose.  

The problem is, there’s always “one last little change.”

Five change cycles and four weeks later, everyone’s wondering whatever happened to the great new marketing materials that were promised a month ago.

Perfectionists don’t like to make mistakes that the world will see. So they fret over every little detail, wondering if they should say “engineered solutions” instead of “technology-based products” – even if the issue is hardly one of accuracy.

Unfortunately, while they’re having more meetings to pore over the minutiae, their more aggressive competitors are creating entire campaigns, doing things that get attention, and moving on to the next initiative before anyone has had the time to scrutinize what they just did.

With today’s rapid pace of business, there isn’t time to create “perfect” ads or promotional pieces.  Just ones that “work”… that pique audience interest, generate inquiries, and contribute to increased sales.

When you find the same few people continually standing in the way of progress, it pays to gently remind them of this fact.


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