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Press Conferences: Just say no?

Your senior managers are so proud of your company’s great new product or service, they want to organize a press conference to announce it to the world.

So the invitations go out, but follow-up calls to pitch your event are met with yawns.

Worse yet, of all the media people invited, only one or two actually show up – and they’re a couple of lower-level editorial assistants.

This scenario plays out more times than publicists would care to admit.  

What’s the solution? For starters, pause and take a dispassionate look at the task at hand.

Don’t judge the value of your topic based on subjective feelings – or what the boss wants. Determine it objectively from the perspective of the editors and the news audience.     

If you’re still not sure, check with your MarComm agency or another outside source to get an unbiased view. They’ll tell you if your message has “legs.”

Does your news warrant a press conference? Yes, if:

  • You have something truly revolutionary to announce – like a major breakthrough in technology or medical science.
  • You have some new research findings to report that will have major market impact.
  • Your company finds itself in a crisis management situation.

Most times, you’ll find that a press conference isn’t needed. Instead, you’ll be better off working one-on-one with key media people. Meet them individually, and introduce them to specialists within your organization who are willing to serve as information sources.


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