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Marketing Messages: They don’t care

You’re ready to plan your company’s next big MarComm campaign. Or, product development has just put the finishing touches on the “latest and greatest” new offering for your industry.

Everyone’s enthused … at least around your office.

But what about the outside world?

Most likely, your prospects aren’t nearly as excited as you are. Your whole initiative could be a colossal yawner, in fact.  

To guard against the potential “disconnect” between internal fantasy and external reality, consider formulating your marketing messages to prospects using the “they don’t care” rule:

  • They don’t care about your company.
  • They don’t care about your products or services.
  • They care little about anything you might have to tell them.

If you create your communication messages with these tough standards in mind, you’ll not only attract the early adopters and the “truly desperate,” you’ll also be more likely to attract the fence-sitters.

Capturing these more marginal buyers is how most marketing battles are won or lost.


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