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Press Releases: Not just for the media anymore

Time was, press releases were written strictly for the press. Editors would filter the PR copy and report what they felt was the most important information to their audience.

Today, PRs released through the business wire services are finding their way onto a wide range of business and industry Internet sites, news, often complete and unexpurgated.

These, in turn, can be forwarded by readers to others, meaning that the news moves through cyberspace quickly and seamlessly — being seen by customers, prospects, investors, and the general public.

Thousands of people could be viewing your news, even if it didn’t prompt a single call from a reporter.

On top of this, much of your PR content is also being placed on your own corporate web site. So when you write your press releases, remember that your audience will also include the reading public — people who are comfortable uncovering information on their own, and then making their own judgments about the validity of the content. Make sure your message speaks strongly to this audience as well.


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