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Branding Challenges: What’s our product name in Portuguese?

It’s a challenge faced by most companies who are expanding their product marketing overseas. How best to treat branding that is highly effective in English, but might not mean anything to customers in another country?  

If you think there’s a stock answer to this question, think again. Specialists in the field of business translation report that there is no “standard” approach. Different companies approach this issue differently. Some translate all of their product names, while others never do.  

Many companies do not translate their officially trademarked product names. If further description is deemed necessary, the trademarked name is followed by parentheses or a subhead that includes a translated descriptor.

On the other hand, companies are often less averse to translating product names that are not trademarked.Your best approach is to set a standard that works well for your company ... then stick to it consistently.


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