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The Marketing four Ps and the new four Cs

Practically everyone in business knows about the four marketing Ps: Product, Place, Price and Promotion. They’ve been bedrock principles for nearly a century.

But a sea change is occurring in marketing that is fundamentally altering the way products, services and brands interact with customers – and the marketplace at large.

Call it the four Cs: Connectivity, Creativity, Communication and Collaboration.

What’s behind this? The power of social media and social marketing, sparked by new web-enabled technologies that allow consumers to engage with their friends, colleagues, and even strangers in ways never before possible (or even contemplated).

The idea that one single user of a product or service can instantly communicate praise – or disdain – to hundreds or thousands of eyeballs in cyberspace is pretty incredible. And it’s been made almost effortless because of the many communication platforms that are out there – all of them just waiting to accept your content and spread it digitally to one and all.

What we’re seeing is a rapid shift of power and influence from suppliers to customers. While this may seem frightening at one level, it’s positively exhilarating on another. Depending on how you harness the new social media opportunities, you have the ability to work things to your advantage in a major way. Social media has the potential to slay the mighty and raise up the weak; it really does level the playing field.

But where to begin? Among the thousands of social media avenues out there, several have emerged recently as key platforms. Facebook has overtaken MySpace as the premier social networking platform – appealing to young and old alike. LinkedIn has established itself as the “platform of choice” for professional networking. Twitter lets you broadcast short news messages to potentially millions of recipients. Working with these plus several others, you’ll go a long way towards enhancing your social media profile and delivering loads of new information and content about your company, products and services in an engaging, more personal, and yes – more authentic fashion.

There are, of course, many other ways social media is revolutionizing communications and influencing how people interact with your brand. If you’re a bit mystified by the all possibilities, we can help. Based on a review of your current activities and your brand objectives, we’d be pleased to offer recommendations on how you can best ride the wave of the social media revolution … instead of being submerged by it.


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