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Push Marketing versus Pull Marketing

A sea change has occurred in marketing and communications. Traditionally, advertising has been a “push” process, with sales messages funneled through the media gatekeepers to the market.

Today, digital interactivity means a far more multifaceted relationship between the media, companies, customers and other stakeholders. Whether searching online or using social networking, the customer is far more proactive and engaged in the process. Some call this “pull” marketing. But think of it more as a two-way street. Customers and prospects signal their interest in products and services by the degree to which they engage you and your competitors online.

Search queries, cross-linking between your brand and related information on the web, and sharing comments about your company in blogs or on Twitter are just some of the ways people are engaging with your brand.

So it’s good to employ both tactics. It doesn’t have to be a tug-of-war, either: If you keep your communications objectives front and center, all of the “pushing and pulling” will be going in the right direction!


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