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Branding Platforms: Some things never change …

Millions of words have been written about “branding.”  It’s one of the fundamental concepts in business that transcends all of the changing dynamics in marketing.

If you boil down all the verbiage, you’ll find that the principles underlying strong branding are fairly simple.

For one thing, focused brands are more powerful than diffused ones.  Also, a successful branding initiative is based on singularity – the idea that no other product or service in the market is quite like yours.

When building a brand platform, pay attention to the following precepts:

  • Figure out a way to be “different” – or even better, “first.”
  • Put your brand definition in writing so it’s always front and center – consistency is important.
  • Make sure your brand comes across as “high quality” (even if it’s a stretch to do so).
  • Give your branding program a big “KISS” … one big idea is better, and keep it simple, too.
  • Word of mouth builds brands – macro (PR/publicity) and micro (social).

One other thing:
Don’t expect overnight success.  Even with a strong program carried out diligently and methodically, building a strong brand takes time.


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